Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More of the same


You would think that I would have come up with something by now. But all I am getting now are argumentative people who don't want to submit to the Law of God. I've tried everything I know to get them to even hear the truth, but no one cares. In fact, I keep running out of time trying to get them in conversations. One guy I tried to talk to, I wasted time trying to convince him that humans have an eternal soul, and his stop came. No time to preach the Gospel to him or the lady standing next to him, any more.

Then at night, I tried talking to a lady about her beliefs and Christianity, but my stop came up while we were talking and I had not gotten to the Gospel, even though I had gone through the Law. She still wasn't humble, and I let the conversation drift into the place of the intellect for too long instead of bringing it back to the conscience. I should have stayed on the train until she got off, but I didn't. I think I was too discouraged.

When I got off the train, there was a lady sitting on the platform who didn't know where the elevator was. She also needed a cab from the station to her house and didn't know where to tell the cab company to come. So I helped with those things, engaged her in small talk, then swung things to the spiritual.

We had a good conversation. I was able to tell her about sin, repentance, and Jesus Christ. But I don't know if she understood everything well. Please pray for Betsy. And I've got to find a way to reach the souls on the train.

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