Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tracts!! Woohoo!!!

I've been without tracts so long, I almost could not contain myself. but being without tracts has taught me an important lesson:

I cannot rely solely on tracts to do the work of an evangelist. I need to be personally involved in the Work of the Lord. People aren't just a number of tracts passed out, they need a personal touch from the Hand of God reaching out to save them from the fire. We are that personal touch when we take the time to speak to them about the most important thing that they will ever consider--their life after death.

But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't hand out as many tracts as possible. It just means that we should make sure to speak with as many people as possible, and hand tracts only to those we can't reach by speaking (unless we need to pass something along to follow up).

Here's why: People see us handing out our literature for our "cause." They cannot see our hearts--the real reason that we do this. I do this out of love for the souls that I see. I can show that love better with my voice, pleading with people to repent, than by simply shoving a piece of paper under their noses (though the motivation is the same).

Today, I handed out all of the Wages of Sin tracts that I had been given by a wonderful seed sower couple from Texas (they gave me a lot more, too). I was only going to my grandmother's house, but since I had to take the bus and train to get there, I handed them out and placed them strategically for others to see later. I was surprised by how quickly I found a place for them, even not handing them out like I normally do.

I did talk to a guy on the train (I think his name was Dave) and I did preach on the train, using the Good Person Test instead of the Universal Truth. Then I talked to Natalie when I got off the train (she was standing on the platform). Then I went the wrong way to catch the bus (they have changed the location of the bus stops, easing congestion in the roads; didn't matter because I still caught the bus in plenty of time) and handed Gospel tracts to the people I met as I passed by. There were many people on the platform that I did not get to, but I cannot go in two directions and still be one man.

Then I tracted the cars on the parking lot before I got to the bus station. Then I handed several tracts to the people waiting. Then I got on the bus and handed it to several people. I was torn while waiting in line over whether I should have tracted the people getting off at the bus's back door, but I didn't go over there. I don't know why.

Then, after distributing the last of the tracts, and falling all over the bus in the process (the bus was in motion), I had to preach to the people on the bus. Actually, I had to find someone who did not have a tract, who was willing to take the Good Person Test. I found someone, a lady with her children, who was on her way to church. She took the test, then a couple of the children wanted to know what was going on, so I ran them through the test, too, while she went to talk to the bus driver. I gave them Scriptures to look up, and told them to never take the word of anyone who speaks about Scripture--always look it up to be sure.

It was one of the best mornings ever!

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