Thursday, July 12, 2007

She Remembered Me!

I remember a couple of days ago (or maybe it was yesterday) trying to give the Good Person Test to a young lady who was waiting on the ground by the train station. But her bus came as I was trying to get her to admit to being a liar, and I had to get on the train or be late for work. I gave her the website "" (not mine) and walked away, wishing that I had had more time with her, but trusting the Lord to catch up with her later.

And I forgot about her, too.

Then, tonight, I was on the platform at Forest Park and had just finished having a very discouraging talk with a drunk guy who didn't think that it should be a problem that he used the breath that God gave him to tell lies and to steal. I prayed and looked for another fish. A young lady had just gone to the other side of the platform to sit down. She looked a bit familiar, but I've talked to a lot of people that look alike.

So I asked her if she had taken the Good Person Test. She laughed: "You asked me that already."

"I did?"

"Yep. A couple of days ago."

"Okay. So did you repent of your sins yet?"


"How far did I get with you?"

"I don't know, but I had to catch the bus, and you had to catch the train." --those were the exact words that I had spoken (only from a different perspective, her not me) when we had parted. She remembered the entire exchange!

So I repeated the first question. She apparently had thought it over a bit, because she this time easily admitted to being a liar. Then she told me that she hadn't stolen anything (of course I didn't believe her). But she did admit to being a murderer, by God's standard.

When I summarized the test, I said, "...and we've just admitted to being liars, thieves, and murderers according to God's standard--well, you said that you're not a thief, but I still don't believe you" in a nice enough way that she laughed. Her name is Ciera, and she did seem to think deeply about what I said. She said that she doesn't have a Bible, please pray on that, too.

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