Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tale of Two Women

The first woman is named Kim. I was handing out tracts on the train on Wednesday and was stopped by the Transit Service Manager when he saw me: "Hey, no soliciting on the train!" I complied with his order, and waited until he got off to resume. But I didn't just plow ahead. I thought I saw a coworker in front of me, and I went to sit behind her to talk about the things of the Lord (I have given her a couple of tracts before, so she knows where I stand, but I don't know where she stands).

There was a conversation happening ahead of which I tried to find a way to be a part, but no opening ever happened. The girls got off the train talking about the nuances of catching buses when they arrive at the same time as the train, or near the same time. I said to the girl in front of me, "There is an art to catching the bus, indeed."

She turned around and I rather quickly ascertained that she was not who I thought she was. Especially when she didn't react by calling me by name. She just said, "Really?" I explained some of what happens while you are catching the buses and trains, and she seemed to be getting an education on the process. I commented that she didn't seem to ride the buses much, which she affirmed saying that she only rode the train to work.

I asked where she worked, and a couple of other questions, and then I asked her about the Good Person Test. She said that she hadn't taken it, so I gave it to her. She admitted to having committed all those crimes, but was especially disturbed by the fact that Jesus said that one will be judged as a murderer if he insults another (Matthew 5:21-22).

She was very glad to hear the Good News. I handed her Everything Man Has Learned About Women and she laughed as she got through all those empty pages. Then I handed her Your Day in Court. (She did ask if there was a joke to that one, too, but there isn't.) She was very appreciative that I took the time to explain the Gospel to her. May we all see her in Heaven someday.

The next young lady was named Cione, and I don't know if I am spelling her name correctly. I was on the train praying for the Lord to bring someone for me to talk to, and she boarded at the next stop up from mine, carrying a lab book with her. I asked her if she was a student or an employee, and she said student. She asked how I knew, and I confirmed that I had seen the book. She said that she was studying for lab that day. Her studies meant that she didn't really have time to talk at first.

I waited for the right time. I did not want to dishonor God by being rude, but at the same time, there were other people on the train, a couple of whom I was sure had not yet heard me present the Gospel (don't know if they never heard it, I'm not the only witness in St Louis). So I prayed, and the Lord confirmed that He had told me to wait: She rekindled the conversation.

So I asked her about the Good Person Test. She didn't take very kindly to Jesus' declaration that murder and casting insults are one and the same before God. I tried to explain that it is because God gives us every breath that we take, that our disregard for His commandments is taken so seriously. If we trivialize God's commandments, He could trivialize our breath. That would be a very big deal for us, so we need to make His commandments a big deal.

I also handed her Everything Man Has Learned About Women, but she didn't keep it. She handed it back to me as she departed the train. I think she was very offended, but I know that what I said was the truth. Please pray for Cione, that she, too, might join us in Heaven.

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