Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on Reading

Today, I did go back for more reading. I read Matthew 15-16. I didn't have much water with me, so I had to stop after only two chapters. But I think the grip is breaking.

More people did take tracts today. In fact, there was a lady who came up beside me right as I finished reading. She gladly took a Million Dollar Bill (MDB). Then another lady came from across the street and had to cross again, in our direction. She too took a tract. Then another lady I passed in the street, and more ladies (hmm...) as I travelled toward the train station to go home. I did manage to give some to some men (finally!), but most of the people around me were women, and thus most of the takers.

On the ride home, I had to stop my tracting for a minute because of the security guard. I did not feel led to restart and tract the entire train. I found out why as I later passed out the only ten MDBs I had left (or less). I gave one to the guy sitting behind me. Then when he got up, I gave six to the lady who sat there after him, because she has four children and a husband. And then I gave my last to a girl who was going toward the front of the train as we arrived at my station.

Altogether, I think I gave out 50 tracts in the CWE. I think I was able to give more than 100 total. I thank God for the people who heard His Word today, and I pray that more will hear tomorrow--and that I will have much more water and much more to read. I love it out there!

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