Thursday, August 16, 2007

Public Transportation

For those of you who live in small towns or smaller cities, you won't have access to this fertile ground for seed sowing, but, for those of us who do, I think we ignore it too much.

I have been out of work for a couple weeks now, and, instead of reading aloud in the heat at the Central West End, I have been handing out tracts on the buses. There are a lot of bus lines that get really full, and I haven't begun to dig deep yet. I have distributed about 700 tracts in three days of doing this. I could have done more if I had brought more.

All I do is sit behind the driver (because I can see when people are getting on), about three seats back (to give people time to put away their passes/transfers/wallets and look up before I show them the "money"), and just hand one to every one who boards (of course, I have to hand one to everyone who is on the bus when I first board). I have about 800 tracts left, and I think I can probably give out at least 400 tomorrow, while I am looking for work.

Speaking of which, I had to turn down a decent-paying position through the temp agency, because it is too far away. It's a physical job, and I'd either have to walk 2 miles (before work!) or wait for a cab (cabs have their own schedule) or get a bicycle (and deal with those hills) or skates (not happening). Then I would have to pay for a $20 cab ride home, because the bus service out that way ends before I get off. Really was looking forward to starting, though. But the Lord will see me through it. There are a couple of place that are hiring--not a lot of pay, but better than nothing--so we'll see about them.

Anyway, those of you in cities with public transportation should take advantage of it.

Today, I had a great conversation with a "decided non-believer"--his words--who tried to blame the Bible for slavery and anti-Semitism, saying that it had been used to justify those things. I told him that false teachers get a following because people never check behind them to make sure that what they teach is actually in the Bible. I told him that if the Bereans checked out the Apostle Paul, he needed to do the same, and I got off the bus, because it was my stop. (I think I should have stayed on, but I don't know what I could have said better, because that was the crux of the matter.) To God be the glory!!

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