Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Post from St Pete

Well, it's the first post with an adventure in it.

So I had to get up very early to run an errand Monday morning. Or so I thought. The store I was trying to get to didn't open until 7:30, and I arrived there a little after 6:45 (6:46, to be exact). So what to do?

Well, I had my Bible with me, so I just started reading. I don't know how much I read. I did lift my head to greet some workers and one peotential shopper who didn't have time to wait. Then, with about five minutes to go, I saw Mike and (I think she is) his mom coming toward the store. I said, "Five minute before they open," and lifted my hand to display five.

The woman responded, "I don't have time, I have to get in there."

Huh? I thought. Then I repeated, "They have five minutes before they open up."

"Oh!" she said. "I thought you were asking for five minutes of my time!"

I do sympathize with her, because I don't usually give people that much of my time either--unless I surrender to the Lord and take the opportunity to witness to them. Hey, they asked for the conversation!

Anyway, since she had to wait five minutes anyway, I started with some small talk about the local football team. With the opening drawing near, I asked if either of them had taken the Good Person Test. Obviously, they hadn't.

When I finished explaining the Gospel, the woman said, "Wow. Well, that's definitely something to think about," as she reached for a cart. To think--she thought she couldn't give me five minutes of her time, when, in reality, she had no choice!

Please also pray for the salvation of Sharon, Toi, Charles, Tzion, Charlise, Sal, Diego, Phil, Chris, Larry, Sheila, Keenan, Charlie, Kimberly, Shelton, Stephanie, JJ, and Stephanie's mom (I didn't get her name). I didn't speak to all of these people on Monday--some of them I have met before and am just now getting the names out. But I thank God for the prayer warriors who read this blog.

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