Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jonathan Again.

A few weeks back, maybe even a few months ago, I wrote to you about Jonathan and two friends who were waiting for their school bus. Well, this past Sunday, after Mark Cahill had spoken at my church, I was begging the Lord for more obedience on my part in evangelism. I didn't know who the two teens were, sitting on the railroad tracks about a mile from my apartment, but I was determined to witness to them.

I pulled into a parking lot behind a fence and reached for some tracts. I tried to get two of the same kind, but the Lord commanded me to get out of the car: "They are leaving," He told me. Yes, told me. Almost audibly.

I obeyed. And found the two teens walking away, back the way I came from. I had to quicken my pace to catch them, and ended up calling out to them to stop them. They turned.

"Hey, I wanted to give this to you guys."

The boy: "What is it?"

"It's a Gospel Tract: it tells you how to have eternal life."

The girl was disgusted. The boy asked, "What is eternal life?"

"Well, we're all gonna die, right? And once we die, we're gonna be judged by God."

"I don't believe in God."

"Well, He's still gonna judge you whether you believe in Him or not. And, if you've ever lied, or stolen anything, or--"

"Wait a minute. I remember you. You talked to me and my friends about this before at our bus stop."


"Yeah." (silence) "Well, here"--he tried to give back the tracts--"I don't need these."

I backed away, out of his reach, and bid him a good day and God's blessings. I didn't get his girlfriend's name, and she wasn't interested from the start. But there was no where for him to discard the tracts without littering, so he put them in his pocket. May God use them to bring them to Christ.

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