Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It happened so innocently...

So I was pumping gas for one of the church vehicles today, determined to pass out some tracts to passersby/fellow customers. I got the one guy who went in right as I started pumping once he came out. Then, suddenly, all these cars started pulling up, but I had just finished.

So I went inside to sign the ticket (we have an account there) and handed a tract to the guy who had just finished paying for his stuff. Then there was a lady behind me, but she had her child in her hands (in the car seat), so I could not give it to her right away, but I did hear what she said: "Six dollars on [pump] four, please." Six? Um. That's only a gallon and a half!

I honestly didn't think too much of it at the time. I passed her a tract as she returned the child to the car and gave another to the guy at the other pump. Then, as I started to climb in the van, the Lord reminded me of what I had just heard: "Six dollars on four, please."

I opened my wallet, where I had four dollars left after buying a banana (bananas are good!), pulled out the money and gave it to her. I said, "Six dollars isn't going to get you much, so here." She looked shocked. I said, as she took it and thanked me, "It's only enough for one more gallon, but it's better than nothing."

I remembered this transaction at lunch, when I went to pay for my food at the Grille, our church's little eatery, and decided to pay for my lunch with my debit card. But, before I could get the money out, one of the ladies behind the counter asked if she could buy my lunch. (She and her husband are heavily involved in the church, and her daughter is serving as an intern with Teen Challenge in Texas, so we talk a lot.)

I gladly accepted and told her the story above. This true story--that just happened today--illustrates the truth of what Jesus promised: "Give and it shall come back to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over shall men give into your bosom." Four dollars for $5.50. That's almost 40% interest on a two hour loan. Wow.

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