Monday, July 28, 2008

Today, today

So, I have this friend in Maine who is 17 and an atheist. She lives with a Christian friend and has a Christian brother but hates God with a passion (other members of her family are not Christian and some Christians in her life give her excuses not to become one). I used to talk to her on IM a lot, but I can't anymore. So when I was able to chat with her today, it was a nice surprise. Two things I learned:

1) She's still alive
2) Her friend hasn't missed a beat since I've been away!!

Woohoo!! Please pray for Miss 17.

On another note, I handed a man a Gospel tract at the gas station this morning, and he took it but with a question:

"What is this?"

"It's a Gospel tract. It tells you how to have eternal life."

He tries to hand it back, "That's okay, I'm a Buddhist."

"But I still want you to have eternal life."

He shrugged and simply placed the tract atop the pump and continued pumping gas. There was nothing else for me to do, so I just left. Please pray for the Buddhist.

Finally, I was stressing over the weekend because the money for my time in the Bahamas is coming a lot more slowly than I thought and I was really getting worried about it. So Saturday I said something to our DIRT red-head, Ashley, and she told me that everything would simply come in at the last minute--just the way it did for her. Not what I wanted to hear, but encouraging nonetheless.

Then Frank and Stacia Hall came over and told me all the trials they went through trying to raise support for the two years they spent in Ghana.

My "struggle" doesn't belong in the same paragraph. (Or even post, really, know.)

Then Sunday, two people whom I know told me that God had been telling them to help me out, which means that God is working on it and I really need to stop fretting, and then, while the second person was still speaking, a guy whose name I did not even remember came up to me and, as soon as she walked away, handed me $50.


Then someone gave me $100 today. Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit sheepish right now.

When I told this to a coworker, she reminded me of how the children of Israel had done the same thing right after God had led them safely out of the hand of Pharoah and had drowned the entire Egyptian army. I think she was trying to console me that I was being normal, but I don't like being normal. It really isn't good to be normal (Matthew 13:14). So please pray for me that I'm not normal anymore (I know the atheists reading this are going to laugh their heads off at this, but I don't care). Thanks.


C3P0R2D2 said...

So, I have this friend in Maine who is 17 and an atheist. She lives with a Christian friend and has a Christian brother but hates God with a passion

An Atheist doesn't believe that God exists. How can you hate something you don't think exists? Do you hate Santa Claus? Do you hate the tooth fairy?


Of course I don't hate Santa or the Tooth Fairy: you see, they are used by parents to disguise their generosity. God is abused by evil preachers to disguise their greed. Big difference.

(Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.)