Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Once again, blessings never cease

The Lord blessed me with all the rest of the funds I needed--and then some--yesterday, on my birthday. How exciting that God planned for the deadline to be today so that He could provide a birthday present for me!
So, what are my plans?
This weekend, I intend to drive up to Jacksonville to see some friends I haven't seen in a while. Then I will spend the last week I have in St Pete collecting all the required items that are missing from my inventory. I should have enough money for that, but I won't turn down any donations. =)
I also intend to fly to St Louis when I graduate to see both family and friends and the church that originally blessed me as I departed for my current home.
In addition to the money all coming in at the last minute, the Lord also provided the opportunity for me to witness to the nurse practitioner who administered my physical yesterday. His name is Jim, and he is Catholic, so please pray for him. I told him that loyalty is honorable, but Jesus said that if we love our family or friends or anything or anyone else more than we love Him, then we are not worthy to be His disciples, and I begged him to read the Book of John and see if what he thought he knew was actually true. He did accept a prayer card, and might even be reading this blog post (Hi, Jim!).
Thank you for your prayers.

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