Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick Update

I think it was Wednesday when I got to hand out some of the new million dollar bills that Living Waters has put out, over at Wal-Mart's gas station (while our contract station is closed down for repairs).

I have to say, as much as I personally despise Wal-Mart--not calling people evil simply for shopping there--it is a great place to witness to people.

I was asked to stop handing tracts to the customers of another establishment with which our church does business, but I am still praying for the seeds already sown to make that request futile for Satan--in other words, that so many people get saved, it won't matter anyway.

I did give an optical illusion tract to a young lady at the bank. I don't think she likes me or the Good Person Test, because she was pretty hostile when I asked her if I had given it to her before, but I don't know that she wasn't just having a bad day. The tract was the (now discontinued) revolving circles tract from I was surprised that she took it, but it encouraged me to continue to hand tracts to other people. And yesterday, I think I handed the new million to every customer in the other bank (the one that is closer to the church).

I didn't get to have any conversations at the Prayer Station last night, except a brief exchange with a protester who was quite angry with me because I didn't back the cause she was standing for. Apparently, a young black man was gunned down by the local police, but was shot in the back. The protesters insisted that it was a racially motivated murder, not justifiable homicide.

I don't know what happened, so I didn't just take their side. Plus, everyone who is screaming for justice right now will be begging for mercy come Judgment Day, and that is far more important.

Not to say that a lost life is not a tragedy. I don't know what happened. But I do pray for Javon Williams family, friends, and supporters, and even those who shot him or think he deserved what he got, that they all turn from their sins to the God who is Love.

Then--and only then--will we have real peace and harmony.


Jean Gasho-Musuka said...

Hey brother keep doing the work of God. So encouraging to hear people like you and what you are doing. Wish they were more people like you here in the UK. Found your blog through an athiest blog called
Its amazing how the Lord uses these atheists too....


It just proves that He is Lord over all.

God bless you, sister.