Saturday, October 18, 2008

Best Day of Patmos!!

Well, the best day so far, anyway. Graduation will be the real best day!

I'm sorry I haven't updated all of you all this time, but I have almost never had the time to even put all your emails in. I am right now under pressure to get off this computer, but I have insisted on giving you this very update, because it is the first for many of you and the happiest for the rest of you.

God blessed me yesterday with Fun Day. The Adventure Learning Centre here in the Bahamas has four Fun Days a year, as an outreach opportunity and a way to acquaint the community at large with the ALC. I was privileged to do the Gospel presentation at the Pavilion Show we featured this year. In fact, we were so featured, that the DJ turned his music down so that people could hear us.

To start it off, we had a break-dancing demo, the Intelligence Test, animal identification using break-dance moves, and, the best part, the Good Person Test. All these parts of the Pavilion Show were well received, and about 200 people view it and heard it. I have to separate the two because some people could see, but they could not hear us because someone stole the ALC's sound system a little while back. I had to shout, but the Pavilion doesn't have good acoustics, so some people on the fourth row couldn't hear us. That bothered me, but Colin (a fellow Patmos student) and I submitted it to prayer, and the Lord had me stand on a chair that was closer to the crowd than the stage and was higher, too. That made a big difference, and the Lord really blessed. Even some of the people here who were previously hesitant concerning the Good Person Test thought that we did very well.

It felt like I was back at an evangelism boot camp! That's how awesome it was!

I've been trying to update my blog,, but my chances to do so have been rare. They really do pack our time here, teaching us to use it wisely. I haven't always done so, but I am learning to do better. I hope to see many of you in St Pete in either late December or in January after I get back from seeing my family in St Louis after graduation. God bless you all, and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Joshua S Black

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