Friday, January 9, 2009

I Loooooove Tracts =)

So, Wednesday evening, I picked up some free tracts that were available at my church's bookstore, Chapel Books. I handed out a few on the way to the bus, and then just talked to people on the bus. Actually, the last post leaves out that I had done this and only tells about what happened on the bus (the last story). I forgot this detail, because I was so focused on what God had done without them.

Therefore, yesterday, I was excited as I rode up 49th St., because I had tracts to give to people along the way. I determined that anyone who was standing around while I was riding by would get a tract. This meant stopping rather frequently, so the cardio benefit of riding the bicycle was minimized. But, hey, bodily exercise only profits a little, but godliness profits much more, not only for this life, but also for the next (see 1 Tim. 4:8). So I didn't worry about it and had great joy just dispensing the Word of life.

Then I decided, inexplicably, to cross the street to tract these four people that were waiting at the bus stop. It was out of my way (sort of) because the church was toward that side of the street, and I wanted to get to work early so that I could get some things done. But I figured it would only be a minute, so I just went on over and got off the bike and gave them some tracts.

And didn't leave for about 45 minutes. You just never know where tracts will lead!

CD had some really good questions about the results of salvation (walking in newness of life) and has some really painful decisions to make (Matthew 5:29-30 is not easy to follow, even understanding that it is hyberbole). Rod was more concerned about politicians than about Jesus, but I tried to get his attention (Matthew 6:33). And JS was "angry with the world" when I walked up, so she didn't get into the conversation much, but she did allow me to pray for her, and I prayed that Jesus would not only resolve the situation for her good, but that she would realize how good He really is. There was another lady, too, but she mostly listened, and then had to leave for a meeting.

All the while I passed more tracts out to passersby. This was acceptable to the people I was talking to, because they realized that nothing is more important than spreading the Word. It is amazing the perspectives held by those who don't follow the Lord with their lives.

After leaving them, I think I handed out two more tracts, got one rejection, chickened out of riding through the trailer park that I had designated as an evangelism target, and made it to work with about an hour to work on things.

Please pray for me and that trailer park. There are a lot of neighborhood kids from their who have come to our church's recreation center and skatepark, but we have noticed little effect on them. We need to get the parents saved, too. I forgot the name of the trailer park, but it sits adjacent to Calvary Chapel's property. God knows who lives there.

Thank you for partnering with me in praying for these people. It is my prayer that we can see them all in Heaven.

Maybe you have some people you'd like prayer for their salvation. I probably won't be able to pray for them daily, but, if you don't mind, we can all pray for them at least once. Just email me the names (or initials), and I'll compile them and share them with the group. That way, we are all praying for each other and for each other's burdens. Deal?


The Evangel said...

Nice site Josh. Live up to your name and become the saviour and delivererer of, under Christ of course)of those you seek to bring to Christ


Thank you for your kind words and admonition. May God bless your ministry as well.