Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, well, well!

The Body of Christ really does take care of Her members!

I am planning to move, and I need to do some cleaning (well, lots of cleaning) and some pre-stocking before I can do so. I mentioned this at my Men's Accountability group and immediately got an offer of help from one of the ministry leaders for the clean-up part. Then I got back to where I am staying (in the home of a family who already agreed to take me in for a month for free) and they were arranging help for me to have all that I need once I do move in, through another ministry.

This is after the Lord had someone pay for me to attend the upcoming Love and Respect Marriage Conference (which Pastor Danny recommended for singles who want to get married), on top of someone offering to buy a bus pass for me this month (which I won't need once I move this weekend, but hey), on top of me getting an easier position with more hours at work, on top of me attending Winter Jam (which was paid for by others), on top of ... where does it end?

I have never felt so loved in my life as when I moved here to St Pete. So many times in my life, I have tried to be self-sufficient, doing everything myself, never telling a soul when I needed anything (except the Lord), and being here has shown me that that is not the way to go. From the time I moved here, I have relied on so many willing shoulders that have carried me through many trying times. Gabe Graham took me in for three days, Zack and Heather Hill were the kindest landlords I could ever have asked for, my boss in the maintenance department the best supervisor I have ever worked for, Calvary Chapel the best coworkers I could ever pray for, Calvary Chapel the best supporters (in finances and prayer) as a body that I have ever met (there are individual friends who amazed me who don't attend Calvary), and now I can firmly say, Calvary Chapel St Pete, the best church home that I could envision. 

I thank God for all of you! (even if you don't go to Calvary Chapel St Pete)

Sincerely in Christ,

Joshua S Black

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