Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now, the final outcome has not yet been written, but the Lord is clearly moving!

I have often asked for prayer for my neighbor Dave. He needs Jesus. But his parents keep bailing him out in hard times. All the while he spends his money on alcohol and his friends buy him dope.

Finally, he hit somewhere near bottom on Tuesday and came over to see me after his girlfriend cheated on him in his trailer and stole his phone hours later. He was finally beginning to see that he has been responsible for getting himself into this mess, and, for once, no one was babying him through the hardship. (I certainly wasn't!)

I let him use my phone to call some people, including his mom and dad. His mom flat out refused to help him at all, and he couldn't get in touch with his dad right away. He actually wanted to see what was going on at church, but I wasn't planning to go to Calvary Chapel that night, there being a prayer meeting in Seminole that I wanted to attend (at the Prayer House, off Park Blvd and 115th St, every Tuesday). So he said he wanted to do that. I said, cool.

But later one of his friends suggested that he go to an AA meeting (AA is inferior to the Bible, but it is a step in the non-drunken direction), so he checked into that and went there instead, but he agreed to go to church with me Wednesday night.

So Wednesday evening, around 6, I tapped on his door and we walked. It wasn't raining at that time, so we were fine. He said that he liked the service (it was practically directed at him!) and one of my friends drove us home so we wouldn't have to walk the mile in the rain. Things were a bit calmer at his place last night, and I was grateful. But I still don't know if he has gotten saved yet. Please continue to pray for him.

Also, I asked you to pray for Dan, who had confessed about month ago or so to doing evil (his words were "stealing") in order to make ends meet. Tom R and I had suggested a different direction for him (Tom a bit more gently than I, but the message got through; I like playing "Good Cop, Bad Cop"--it gives people a real sense of reality and compassion), and he has apparently taken it. I saw him standing out by Park Blvd on US 19 Saturday getting paid to hold a sign directing people to visit some villas. Hot gig, but it pays. And he said that he has other work lined up, too. I keep praying that he frees up some space in his budget by quitting smoking. You could pray that God helps him with that, too. He has two children, including a newborn, and a wife to take care of. I don't know his background, so I don't know why he has such a hard time finding work (though the economy could be playing a big factor in that), but you can pray for him to find a better job, too.

So, thank you for your prayers. They are working.

P.S. Lori Ogle is hosting a dessert social on June 6 @ D&D Missionary Homes, 4020 58th Ave N in St Pete /Lealman, 7-9 PM. The $5-tickets help her with start up costs for moving to France.

Also, Custom Tract Source is having a 15% off sale on all tracts. I have a link to them on the sidebar.

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