Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weird Day

I regularly pass by Checker's and give tracts to those eating or ordering or waiting for their food. Well, today, as I was going up to Aldi's (the most pocket-book friendly grocery store in town--eat your heart out, Wally World!), I saw this scantily-clad lady ordering food (well, I don't know if she was ordering food or not, because she didn't walk away with any, and she had an open burger wrapper in her hand). My first inclination was to just ride up and tract her, because she obviously needed Jesus (or a rebuke that the tract could deliver much better than I could), but I've been wondering if that should be my automatic reaction, because tracting her means I have to move closer to her and look at her, and I'm already struggling to put my eyes in the right place. So I was going to just pass her by and pray.

But God...

Two men were getting out of their van in the parking lot, so I went to tract them. As I did, she walked away from the window (like I said before, without any food), exclaiming, "What's wrong with everybody, can't anybody smile?!" I just held out the Zero, and she took it excitedly and said, "Thanks!"

I'm glad I was already trying to get away from her, because she then proceeded to stuff the Zero down the front of her short shorts. At first, I thought she was just pulling her wallet out of her shirt, and I didn't want to see that, either, so I just turned away, and then, as I was pedaling away, she said, "Hey!" and I turned my head, and her hand was still there in her pants. I turned back quickly. "Have a good day!" she said.

I was shocked. I pray she was truly embarrassed when she realized that she was propositioning a "preacher man." It is funny how people suddenly change once they know that you are trying to talk to them about God. More on that later.

As we near the Pride Fest, I have been noticing more homosexuals around town. In fact, the first two people I tracted this morning were lesbians. And when the second Checker's incident was developing, a lesbian young woman passed by asking if we needed water. Furthermore, I am convinced that Chipotle's employee population is at least half gay. I already saw one of the girls kiss her "friend" in the parking lot after hours, and I have watched behaviors that hint that there are more. We don't really need to wait for the Pride Fest to come along.

But on to the second Checker's incident: I was walking back home from the bank, when the Lord pressed in on my heart to speak to the man sitting on the corner by Mattress Firm. He appeared to me to be out of his right mind, and I mumbled under my breath that he would not be coherent enough to speak to about the things of God. Well, the Lord rebuked me, so I turned around and let the light go on without me, even though I had gone through all the trouble of pushing that button that holds up traffic so that I can safely cross the street and not get run over by all the crazy speeders on US 19 and Park Blvd--and I went and talked to him.

He tried to make me think that he was crazy. Eventually, he spoke the truth that he was just looking for either a meal or a beer. So I told him I could get him a meal at Checker's, so we went. I kept asking him conversational things along the way, just trying to feel out the conversation and when to speak to him about spiritual things.

It was then that the lesbian rode by on her bicycle asking if we needed water, and I noted that most gay people I get to talk to tell me how nice they are to their fellowman while they are deliberately living in rebellion against God, as if one somehow outweighs the other. In truth, they are putting their fellowman (their partners) in danger of all sorts of diseases, not to mention God's wrath, while turning their noses up at the God who gives them every breath they take. And they never think about it that way, because the devil has blinded them to it. And I didn't have a tract to hand to her, because I had reached my quota, and so I left the rest at home (I only open on 100-ct pack a day, except on Fridays for Team Hope). So I do pray that I meet her again--on the right side of Heaven, if nowhere else! But that will take some "undeceiving."

We finally got to Checker's and I had the man order what he wanted. I have no idea what the cashier was thinking when he saw me doing this for him, but that's not my problem--except that I didn't have a Gospel tract for him, either. I guess I'm going to have to dispense with my wisdom and quotas. Now, not having a tract probably made me minister to this man more, because I sincerely doubt I would have bought him the meal if I had had a tract to give to him, because I would have just handed it to him and walked on, as I have done numerous times, so it could be that the Lord did direct this. And it could be that the Lord is telling me to change how I operate even if I do have "enough" tracts.

As we waited for the meal, I tried to take him through the Good Person Test. This is when he showed his true colors--he did everything he could to avoid saying that a person who tells lies is a liar, he pretended that stealing isn't stealing (how? It's too frustrating to even think about right now), and he straight up rejected the Bible's claim that hatred makes one a murderer. So he had his right mind the whole time--my fears were definitely unfounded.

I told him that Jesus promised wrath if he did not repent, and got his name (first he started to say Patrick, then he said Willie Harris; whichever one you believe is the name you pray for), and left him in the Lord's hands.

And I just took three youths through the Good Person Test as I was writing the last two paragraphs (last night; Panera's connection goes awry after 10 PM). One girl said that she was a good person before taking the test, and they all laughed through it, but they were indeed shocked when I told them that hatred makes us murderers. I told them that God can't allow anything less that perfect righteousness into Heaven, "and it's pretty obvious that none of us sitting here has it [well, I was the only one sitting, but...], so that's why God sent His Son to be the perfect man, and to give up His righteousness and take on our sins, so that, if we give up our sins--that's called repentance [here, the first girl laughed, and the boy rebuked her for being irreverent; amazing how much unrepentant sinners really do fear God]--God will give us Jesus' perfect righteousness."

Funny question, after I explained the Gospel twice, the second girl asked, "I've always wanted to know this: where in the Bible does it say that being gay is wrong?"

"Leviticus 18:22."

The boy asked, "But what does it actually say?"

"Man shall not lay with mankind as with womankind--it is an abomination."

First girl: "But aren't we all 'man'?" (nervous laughter)

"That won't work in Heaven, sorry."

Their stomachs reminded them of why they had come to Panera Bread in the first place (they were only still standing there because it is closed), and they parted. This has been one crazy day!

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