Friday, October 9, 2009


So Mike is a bit more wary when he's speaking and I'm in the room. I'm guessing that Laura explained the content of our conversation to him about the disrespect that characterizes his (and others') way of speaking. Or he just picked up on the fact that talking about sin makes me talk more about Jesus. =D

I did have a conversation with Jodie Wednesday. She was saying that God wasn't there Sunday night when her ex broke into her house, slashed her tires, and threatened her.

"You're still alive, right? So how wasn't God there?"

She had to think about that. "You know what? You're right!"

"God doesn't stop us from making bad decisions, but that doesn't mean that He abandons [the victims of the crime]." I asked her if she had a Bible. She didn't. She said that one of her customers had given her a Bible a couple of years ago (her first!) but she couldn't understand it. I asked about the translation and offered to get her another one that was a bit easier. She said she'd be delighted.

So I brought it to her Thursday, having picked it up from Chapel Books Wednesday night after service (which was another clarion call message from the Lord; very encouraging). Julian saw me bring it in and set it on the table in the break room (because she was busy at the time, so I just showed it to her from across the line and took it back there with a note on it) and asked her about it. Then he asked me about it. Then he wanted to know if I was Catholic or Christian. Then he wanted to know what the difference between Christianity and Catholicism is. I told him that our Bibles are different (which is very true). And now I have an open door to talk to him further. Leonardo was listening.

Please continue to pray for my coworkers. Thanks for reading.

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