Monday, May 3, 2010

Bug Fever

I have only seen so many bugs at one time once before--at the last VW for Life event, last year (I think it was in June).

This year, they were back at the Pier in St Pete, hippies and wannabes proudly displaying their vintage and older Volkswagon Beetles and Buses and more and reveling in the experience. Alcohol was widespread, as I guess could be expected. It looked like a lot of fun.

I only had an hour to spend there, because I had to catch the bus back home to get to work on time--which didn't happen--so I tried to make the most of it.

I had a few tracts with me, intending to engage most people verbally and to distribute the tracts solely on the bus rides, to and from. Well, as usual, the Lord had different plans, and I ended up handing out all my tracts before I ever saw a VW Bus. Nice.

So I walked around looking for my friend's Bus, because a few of us Christians were going to put a united effort into reaching the VW enthusiasts. But, as the Lord would have it, what looked like his bus was actually the bus of some clearly lost people. Awesome! I gave one of them the Good Person Test in front of everyone. They seemed pretty peeved after it, so I didn't go into the Gospel. (Yes, I know. I'm getting soft in my old age.) I did let them know where it is in the Bible that "whoever hates his brother is a murderer" (1 John 3:15) and why (because it's God's wrath against sin, not the harm against man, that is being taken into account).

I thanked them for their hospitality and shade (those VW Bus travelers have thought of everything!) and moved on to continue to search for my friend (Rick Orr). Well, it turns out that I had misunderstood the directions and that he was actually on the Pier, and I was not. Oh well, I ended up spending quite a bit of time talking to a couple of people who were clearly favorable to the Christian faith but had let their friendships pull them away. Our half-hour-long conversation greatly encouraged them, while the others in their group just ran away (almost literally).

Oh well.

I looked up and my phone alarm was sounding--but for the ten minute snooze! I had, rightly, set the alarm for 12:45 in order to get back to the PSTA buses on time, but this was the 12:55 reminder! I ended up being more than an hour late for work, but I did witness to people at the bus stop and on the bus on my way back. Ah, yes, redeeming the time.

It certainly wasn't pleasant being so late, and I'm sure it really cost me some money, but so did the Rays' baseball game being held at dinner time. Oh well, you have those nights. Sunday night was a good night, and this coming Sunday appears to hold even better potential (Mother's Day). I will say, I'm glad to be reaping the benefits of the early blitz when I started at Cracker Barrel:

One of my coworkers was asking me questions about going to church. Certainly a step in the right direction for someone who grew up singing in church choirs but clearly didn't ever decide to follow Jesus. So please be praying for her and her son (and her ex, who plans to be in Lost Vegas soon). Thanks for your prayers!

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