Friday, September 10, 2010

As You Go

It is that time of year again: time for Pinellas County to over-chlorinate their water. Not a big deal to people who don't usually drink tap water, unlike me, but a pain to have to go lug gallons of water from the store to my home. A mile and a half is a long way to carry a 24-pack from Aldi, so, this year, I have taken the bus on my return trips.

On my last trip, I sat across from a young couple who were talking to each other. I wanted to witness to them, but I didn't have any tracts to hand them, and I didn't want to rudely interrupt their conversation, and speaking to them would require elevating my voice, because of the noise of the traffic. So I nodded to greet them, then waited and prayed.

The girl asked about seeing the bus when it approached, so I told her that she should see it as it crests the hill, because it does come straight down US 19 at that point. Then I noticed the wound on her left elbow and the bandages on her right, so I asked her about them. She fell. She suffers grand mal seizures caused by epilepsy. Ouch.

We talked for a bit about the hindrances, costs, and dangers caused by that disease. Then I remembered the hope of the Resurrection:

When Jesus rose from the dead, He defeated sickness and death and sin. It is because of Him that we have hope for a better future, when He returns. They nodded in agreement. I didn't have much else to say on that subject.

Oddly for me, I had purchased a three-pack of gallon water jugs instead of the bottles, because they were cheaper. The girl mentioned being thirsty, so I gave them one of the jugs. She was extremely delighted, he was thankful. Apparently, they needed that much water, not just one bottle. I told them to consider it a gift from Jesus.

Divine appointments are found in the mundane, if we are open to them.

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