Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I resumed my reading aloud of the Book of Isaiah last night in downtown Clearwater. I actually went back one chapter, to 54, because I felt that the Lord wanted me to do so. On my way to the end of the Book, but not too far into my reading, a man stopped by and dismounted his bicycle and stood next to me as I read.

This has happened before. People are often curious. Somehow, even though I am being very loud, they are not afraid to approach me and read over my shoulder to see what passage I am reading at the time. Of course, I don't mind that they do that. I don't stop reading unless they try to talk, though. And I did not with him, either.

I finished the Book, and turned to him. He had been encouraging passersby, mostly Scientologists, to listen to what I was saying. This does not always mean that you have an ally, as Ray Comfort can attest. Sometimes, convicted hearts or even demonically influenced people can have an ulterior motive for seeming to be on your side as you preach the truth. Paul found this to be true in Acts 16. So I did not know what to make of this--so I let him talk.

David told me that he had been recently married and things had not necessarily been going very well. He had apparently come into contact with a Scientologist at the Clearwater Pier who had told him to go to a certain place and not to stop. Well, when he heard the Word of the Lord, it rang a bell, because he had had much time to read during his (unfortunately) frequent stops in the state penitentiary. He remained and listened because he knew that it was the truth that he needed to heed, and not the other stuff that other guy was trying to get him into.

I told him that I could not promise that God would heal his marriage. Jesus did say, after all, that a man must love God more than he loves his own wife. I told him that I could promise that God would bless him for obedience, whether his family was restored or not. Then he spoke of how God had commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. I asked him if he remembered the other sacrifice that God had asked Abraham to make long before that. He did. He remembered that God had told Abram to leave behind his old life to follow God wherever He would lead. And he knew that that was what God was calling him to do.

I asked him if he had a Bible. He does. I reminded him of Jesus words in John 8:30-36, that those who continue in His Word will prove themselves to be His disciples, escape the lies of the Enemy, and break the chains of sin. I reassured him of these promises before he departed. We had a long hug, and then he mounted his bicycle and went his way.

I turned to Kevin R,, who had stood by praying as the man talked with me. I was in shock and amazement. I have never seen that before, but, as Scott said when I shared it with him, that is why we go. Praise the Lord!!!!

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