Friday, March 4, 2011

A Twist

You never know where obedience to God will lead you.

I was at my bank this morning conducting business when I noticed one of the tellers drinking from a mug with the bank logo on it. I forget what question I asked about the mug, but it was something silly, and I expected the conversation to stay that way.

But it didn't.

She told me that she had had two previous glass mugs, but the cleaning guy broke both of them, so she was using the plastic mug, which she knew wouldn't break. I said something sarcastic about not being able to store anything valuable, and then she told me the full story.

She and her husband had gone to Las Vegas and purchased there the commemorative mugs featuring Cris Angel, the magician.

I said that I wasn't too sure that the maintenance guy had broken them. Nervous laughter ensued. "Cris is into some pretty evil stuff, so..."

"Don't be messin' with my boyfriend," she said, playfully. But that is a serious statement.

So I said, "Hmm...let's see...'Thou shalt not covet,' 'Thou shalt not commit adultery,' how many more commandments shall we break today?" as the nervous laughter continued.

I immediately knew that two of other tellers were siding with me. One I have known to be a Christian because she is a frequent guest at Cracker Barrel, the other I had suspected because I wear my Jesus-proclaiming T-shirts to the bank all the time, and she had seemed to be amicable. I was saying what they had wished to say but could not for fear of offending a coworker.

Then the first teller noticed my T-shirt. It says on the front, "WARNING: THE BACK OF THIS SHIRT MAY OFFEND YOU." Curious, and wanting to end the other conversation, she asked what it was about. I told her that it speaks of Judgment Day. Of course, she wanted to read the back, so I turned around and let all three of them stare. (You can read the words on the tract that goes with the T-shirt here.)

The first teller complimented it. I pray that she will not soon forget it. Please pray for her, too.

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