Wednesday, January 3, 2007


My first time preaching to an unsuspecting crowd.

I ran out of tracts this morning while on the train. And a couple of people rejected them. I knew I needed to preach, but I was very fearful. I prayed for courage for about ten minutes.

Then a man with a cane boarded the train. I had to get up, because where I was sitting there is a yield policy for those who aren't as able-bodied as I am. So now I was standing in the front of the car, trying to get the courage to speak. I almost did. Then I thought to myself, "Once you break the threshold, there's no way you can be stopped." And I did.

It was so cool!! I had been handing out the Million Dollar Bill, so I simply used what it said to bring the Gospel to a few people on the train.

It actually didn't feel like I was speaking. I was suddenly so not self-conscious as I went through the law (I told them to answer the questions to themselves). I was utterly incapable of being embarrassed. When I was done, there were a few uncomfortable people, but they weren't mad or anything. At least, not mad enough to do anything to me about it. (I think they could tell that I was scared, but were too shocked to capitalize.)

One man even thanked me when he left the train a few stops later. I wanted to do it again tonight, but my feet were hurting too much for me to stand.

Right after I finished, a Jewish woman boarded. Now, I did not know that she was Jewish until she told me (even having gone with Jews for Jesus to New York this past July, I still cannot tell most Jewish people from white people) when I asked her about the afterlife. She said that she was comfortable in her beliefs. I simply replied, "All I want to do is ask you about the Law of Moses." She thought about it for a second and agreed to go on. But stopped me when I pressed her for an answer about what a person should be called who tells a lie. I think she knew that she would be condemned by the Law of Moses and be left with nothing but to flee to the Savior. I hope she thinks about that tonight.

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