Friday, January 12, 2007

Now, I've got it

This morning, I reprinted the sermon that I was preaching on Thursday, only I copied it over a couple more times so that I fully covered a sheet of paper (because my printer is not going to save the paper just because I only need one-third). Then I cut it into strips, remembering the girls on the platform.

I didn't have to run for this train. I just plain missed the one I thought I needed. Somebody's clock is wrong, or else the schedule has changed.

So I asked a guy who came up while we were waiting, if he worked downtown. He said he did.

I asked him what company, and he told me. He asked me who I worked for, I told him.

I asked how long he had been there, he said about five years, which is a pretty good record, and, in fact, as I told him, is about as long as I've been in the work force.

I asked how much he liked it. "It pays the bills." I can agree with that sentiment. He asked how I liked mine, so I told him of my desire to fly helicopters. We talked about what it takes to fly, as well as the opportunities and requirements for the better paying jobs. Then I asked the deadly question: "What do you think happens when people die?" (okay, bad pun)

When I tried to go through the Law, he said that he went to church. My first thought was, Then why did you say that you didn't know where people go when they die?, though, honestly, that is what people usually say when I ask them. What I said was, "Sir, a lot of people go to church. Jesus said that on Judgment Day He will tell a lot of church people, 'Depart from Me, I never knew you.' So my concern is not to get people to go to a church, my concern is that people not be deceived about their salvation and end up in Hell on Judgment Day." He seemed to appreciate that, and took the paper I handed him (because the train was coming and I wanted to get in the forward car and he was boarding the aft).

So I preached in the front car for the whole trip. No applause, no thanks, just people who quickly ran to the front of the car when they heard what I was saying in the rear of the car as they boarded. Oh well, the ones who didn't run were stuck hearing me. maybe they will get saved, maybe they just tuned me out.

Tonight, I didn't do as much preaching as I wanted, but it was all for a good cause. As I climbed the stairs to the platfrom, I passed the security guard. The Lord must have said something like, Hey, witness to the guard, because I thought, Sure, why not? We talked for about forty minutes or more. She had some questions that God had equipped me to answer for her. She really appreciated it. Please pray for her.

A couple of times I preached while she was in the car, but I mainly talked to her until she got off. Then I preached only a little more. Then I sat down next to a drunk guy and challenged him: "Heaven or hell? Where will you go when you die." I didn't expect him to say that he had never sinned. Or that he was Jesus Christ (to which I responded, "You're not a Jew, so you're not Jesus"). Or that he was God. He even had a New Testament with him.

So I quoted a few things from it to him about sin. Told him that he was being covetous for wanting God's position and that that was the very reason that God created Hell (for the devil and his angels, Matthew 25:41). I told him about God's punishments for sin. He said, "You only need to worry if you have done those things, if you have not done those thing, not worried." I admonished him, "Don't perish."

I preached one last time on the train, and then disembarked into the rain. It was a good day. But I'm praying for souls.

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