Monday, January 15, 2007

Ah, tracts!!

So, I got my shipment in from Andy Lapins. I had purchased Why People Die, Did You Know?, and The Great American Myth.

I got about 200, because he sells them in packs of 50. I had more "Why People Die" than I had of the others. I gave almost all of them away today. On the train.

One man asked was the tract about freedom. I told him that it was about righteousness. He responded that he wasn't into religion, he was into spirituality, and gave me back the tract. I should have preached about the universal truth, but I was more willing to hide behind the tracts than to speak boldly for my Lord. I regret that.

Not that I know that he would have listened, but I should have made it plain, that this is not about options for happy living. This is about the only way to avoid Hell on Judgment Day.

Tonight, I had a Bible study with a friend. We were sitting by the door, so when people left, I tried to hand them tracts. No one was offended, a couple of people rejected, three or four people took them. A good day in all.

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