Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mardi Gras Saturday--Preaching on the Train.

Okay, so I couldn't get up on Saturday morning to be out on the streets by 10 AM.

I had dearly hoped to do so, so that I could catch the whole crowd at Soulard in Saint Louis, Mo., but I was so tired from work all week, I could not get out of the house except to deposit my check. I tried to get some rest, but to little avail. Finally, about 8:45 PM, I dragged myself out of the house because I had promised a guy that I had witnessed to earlier in the week that I would come by his job to see him. It was the best decision I could make.

On the platform, I asked two young people about spiritual things. The young man expressed a distrust for the Bible, so I tried to give him some proofs of its accuracy, the scientific proofs, but he wasn't really interested. I found that out when a racist security guard came around saying that the Bible is inaccurately translated, and that we should not be saying Jesus but Yahashua (the Hebrew name for Jesus, which language was not the language of Jesus' day, mind you). Now, I lost my cool because I am so sick of hearing this garbage, whether from Jehovah's Witnesses about God's name, or these racist "Hebrew Israelites" about Jesus' name. I was very angry. But, unfortunately, I didn't have a good comeback for him. Or at least, not one that he would listen to.

Here is what I was given by the Lord this morning on that topic: Is the name Zeus pronounced correctly? What about Hercules? What about Caesar? In a word, no. All of these names come from different languages, and none of them are pronounced correctly in the English language. Because we simply don't speak the other languages. Even if someone in a foreign country tried to pronounce my name, if they are using their native tongue, it will still not be pronounced correctly, unless they knew the English language, with the accent and inflections.

Hmmm....sounds like what I tried to say yesterday, but was not able, in the heat of the moment, to articulate. Well, I can articulate it now, and now so can you!!! So go get'em!!

The rest of the night, I met with some resistance, some people cursing at me because they didn't want to think about death and hell, some laughing at me, some falsely accusing me of judging people. I don't judge anybody. I warned everybody, because I love them. I don't want anyone to go to Hell, and it is my prayer that people hear the Truth and repent so that they can escape the Wrath of God. If I don't warn people of the danger they are in, I am party to their condemnation: that is not loving at all.

In the end, though, I had a good conversation with some guys, talking about sin, repentance, and Judgment Day. I praise God for last night, and I hope to do it again, soon.

Oh, by the way, I did meet that guy, but only when he was getting on the train to go home. Incidentally, I had missed my stop before, and I had come back his way at just that time. If I had made my stop, I think I would have missed him. =) God is so good!!!

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