Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adding Sermons

Well, someone complained about me preaching the same thing over and over again the other day. So I prayed about it. And this is what resulted. (I altered it a bit from its original form, even while I was preaching.)

So it was a different experience preaching different sermons at different times. I was able to fit the sermon into the gap between stations.

Oh! And this time I preached on the front car!!

I never do it because I don't want the driver to shut me down (by saying that he or she cannot safely operate with me making all that noise--which is not a free speech issue). But this time, God gave me the courage, and I did get a reward out of it.

A young lady, couldn't have been more than 13 (though I think she was 10), said that she did hate her brother and she was therefore going to Hell. I leaned over (because she was sitting right next to where I was preaching) and told her, "Well, then you need to repent. There's no good reason for anyone to go to Hell. If you repent, you can go to Heaven."

"I don't want to go to Heaven."

"Are you saying that you want to go to Hell?"


"No, she doesn't! She's just being silly!" her friend exclaimed as we reached our stop (yes, we had the same stop).

I tried to catch them at the elevator, and did. But I didn't want to harass them, and the mouthy girl didn't want to talk anymore. So I asked for their names and told them that I would pray for them. So sad to hear that from someone.

But you know what she demonstrated? John 3:18-20. She wanted it to be okay that she hates her brother, and so she didn't want to repent. I don't know what that situation is, and I will probably never find out. But I am praying for her, because just retribution for crimes committed is one thing, hatred is another. God bless.

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