Saturday, March 17, 2007

Team Work

Let me tell you: I thank God for Judah Marx.

I sent him a private message to tell him about my plans to witness to the crowds at the St Patrick's Day parade in downtown St Louis. He agreed to go with me. So today, we went down there together to witness to the crowds. We blanketed a train car in his MDB's before we got off to pick mine up from the mailbox that my brother and I share. Then we went on downtown, handing out the St Patrick's Day blessing along the way.

We spent hours downtown, passing out tracts, talking to people about sin, righteousness, and Judgment Day, pleading with people to repent before they die, taking the wrong train back, getting off and talking to more people, getting on the train to get us back to the right point and talking to more people, getting on the right train and talking to more people (we were pretty much out of tracts by this time), and ending it with prayer. This was a memory of the Evangelism Boot Camp that I attended back on Super Bowl weekend. It was just wonderful.

I did have a lady tell me that I have an accent. This is not the first time that I have heard this. I don't know what kind of accent it could be, though. I have lived in St Louis all my life, I have travelled to New York City (with Jews for Jesus), I have spent four days in Miami, I listen to a New Zealander (Ray Comfort), a Minnesotan (Todd Friel), an Australian (Ken Ham), a Californian (Kirk Cameron), a few Southerners from time to time, and have an English atheist friend whose voice I only hear occasionally (we usually talk through AOL Instant Messenger, aka AIM). So, I'm going to eventually have someone tell me where I come from.

Hehehe. Some lady told me that she didn't believe that I didn't speak Spanish. Not the first time that that has happened to me. When I was in Miami waiting for my flight, I told a woman in perfect Spanish that I do not speak Spanish (it is one of the few phrases that I do know), and she didn't believe me either. In fact, she kept talking to me in Spanish the whole time. I tried to pick up a few words from time to time, but it was impossible. I was so baffled by that.

Anyway, looking forward to going with Judah--and anyone else in the St Louis area who wants to use the Law in evangelism--in the future! Today was only a small part of the blessedness of a soundly grounded team. Heh, Judah even corrected me on my witnessing 1-2-1! How valuable is that?! Can't be measured.

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