Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Encounter at the Laundromat

So I had to do the laundry very late last night. Having been forced by circumstances to put it off until now, I had to do it last night, or else my brother was going to have to do his own, and I would be left with all dirty laundry alone. So, after my men's group meeting (for which Don still drove 24+ miles out of his way to pick me up and take me home), I walked on down there with our big hand-truck (what is wrong with the old name--the dolly?) to the one that is farther away, because the closer laundromat closes at 10 (last wash at 9) and it was about ten something when I got home.

So, while my stuff is washing, my hand truck was standing in between a husband and wife as they tried to get comfy. She was clearly pregnant. They were both very young. Have you ever seen a couple in love? Well, they were right in front of me.

He had to move my truck, so I thought, Well, I'd better get that out of his way. As I moved towards him, he was getting his wife something to drink from the vending machine. I asked him how many children they had. They already had one. He said that he was trying to wait until he graduated from school to have more kids. I said, "Not doing a good job of waiting!"

Eventually, I asked him about the Good Person Test. He took it, just to play along. He was shocked to find out that hating someone is as bad as murder (most people usually are, but that is not my rule: see 1 John 3:15), but he was very honest about why he had not become a Christian. He had grown up in church, but he had never repented of his sins. Then he said that he had not met someone outside that church that knew the Bible like I did.

Question: is that supposed to be taken as a compliment or not? I don't think so. Luke 17:7-10 seems to say that all of our "accomplishments," if you will, are nothing more than our minimal duties as Christians. I know my Bible so well only because I have made it my daily (well, nearly daily) food for the past 15 years. That is my duty as a Christian. Jesus said, "If you continue in My Word, then you are My disciples indeed..." If I didn't know the Bible as well as I do, one could make a legitimately concerned case for my salvation.

Anyway, this young man was very grateful that I had come over to talk to him about his soul. I came with the words he needed to understand his true plight. He said that he was convicted. He took my phone number and said that he would call me. I am praying for him. Many times I hear on Way of the Master Radio about people who are convicted for the moment, but they never get to that point of actually forsaking their sins. So I am praying overtime for this guy, because I dread the fate that awaits him if he is one of those people. Please, you pray for him, too. His name is LaRon.

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