Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Joshua's New Groove

I think this happened last time I got back from an Evangelism Boot Camp:

"Now I can't stop talking about Him/Can't be living without Him/Can't stop talking about Him/Everyday." --Larnelle Harris

I talked to someone about Jesus almost everywhere I went today.

I would start in the natural and then ask people about the Good Person Test. Most of the time. Sometimes I would just say, "Hey, have you ever heard of the Good Person Test?" and people would be intrigued enough to take it, but not everyone. And not eveyone wanted to talk to me, either.

I tried to be nice about it. Most of the time, when someone didn't want to talk about spiritual things, I moved back to natural things, and then gently swung back to the spiritual. If they were offended, they didn't say so. But I know they were convicted.

I did the same thing with Arnold, a man who sat next to me on the plane back from Tampa Sunday evening. He was a "spiritual man" who didn't want to talk about religion, but I kept trying, kept him talking, kept being loving, and eventually, I gave him Mark Cahill's book, One Heartbeat Away (thanks, Mark, for the free copies), and left him with a clear Gospel explanation. so be praying for him.

Also, on the plane, I got to hand out nearly 100 Gospel tracts to my fellow passengers. Yep, that's right, right in front of--and with the encouragement from--the flight attendants. How? Because I had "rewarded" them for their hilarious routine that they used to explain the safety procedures, and I had rewarded the lady who participated in them making fun of the captain (she donated her wig; yeah, that deserves a million dollars!). So now they were enjoying the MDB's, so they were glad to urge the passengers who got off in Louisville to take them. Easy money. Pun intended.

People, if we pray for openings, God, who loves these people far more than we do, will surely grant them to us. Just be ready to take them when you get them.

Like tonight, when I first got on the train after work: I had to run to catch the train, and I did not have a very smooth entrance. In fact, I slipped when going from the concrete to the metal, and I almost fell into the doors as they were closing. The result was a laugh riot from the crowd of Cardinals fans on their way to the game. And guess what? I had their attention, so I asked them if they had taken the Good Person Test. Open Air with maximum crowd participation, baby!! I explained the Gospel to them thoroughly. One of them was even upset, though the rest were still laughing when they got off.

I tried to keep it light: "Have you ever told a lie? (yes, with laughter) What does that make us if we tell lies (Liars, with laughter) Have you ever stolen anything? (No, yes) But you just admitted to being a bunch of liars! (laughter) Have you ever hated anyone? (YES) Hold on a second: Why is everyone so willing to admit to hating one another, but not to admit to stealing? (More laughter) What does that make you if you hate? (HATERS!!) No, actually, the Bible says it makes us murderers."

Then one lady asked, "So are we good people?" That sparked another laugh riot. I told them that only one person has ever successfully passed the Good Person Test, Jesus Christ. That sobered the crowd a little, but they didn't get angry. I finished the Gospel presentation, with an admonition to get right with God quickly, because tomorrow is not promised, right as the train stopped at the Stadium. That was the beginning of a long and very fruitful night. God be praised!!

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