Saturday, March 10, 2007


I have forgotten whatever joys I had this week, primarily because I have taken so long to write them down.

I have been preaching and handing out tracts while on the train, though Monday I learned from an off duty cop and Thursday from a security guard that passing out tracts is not allowed on the train. So that means that I will either have to do 1-2-1 or preach, which people don't like. Oh well. I don't like it either, much prefer to hand out tracts, but I have no other choice--people have to hear the Gospel at some time, and most don't look for it. Besides, sometimes preaching is the way that seekers find the right person to talk to. If you don't let your light shine, you can't show anyone the way.

I did have the thrill of stopping three youths last night on my way home and explaining the Gospel to them using the Law to show them why they need the Savior. They all seemed to understand, and one of them put the caller on his cell phone on standby until I finished with them. It was a joy, since I had had two very disappointing conversations, including one that was shouted down by some dude who admitted to being high and one with the security guard who thinks she's a "Hebrew Israelite" (a redundant term and a misnomer).

I noticed today that I have difficulty keeping the courage. I spoke to a security guard on the platform right after I got done witnessing to a young man on the platform and on the train (which brought me to this platform), but when I boarded the train I was quite fearful of preaching in front of this other guard (he just happens to be the one who told me that I can't "solicit" on the train). I did try to ask him the good person test, but he made it clear he wanted no part of that.

I got more discouraged as I tried to talk to a young lady about the Gospel once I got off the train. However, I made the approach in the wrong manner and made the entire conversation awkward. So she refused to talk, and I ended up walking away. That's when I saw the three boys, though.

Today, I talked to Bennie when getting off the train to go home, and I handed a man a HBKS CD while I was walking to try to find a store to fix my phone (without success: I should have gone further down). Please pray for Bennie and that man and his wife (at least, I think she was his wife), as well as those who heard me preach. May God save thousands of souls every day!!

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