Friday, March 2, 2007

Well, it's Friday.

Today, I guess I was just tired of preaching. I had printed out a bunch of tracts, and today I just handed them out all over the car that I was in. Both rides.

I did have an interesting (and very long) conversation with Alicia, the evening security guard. She is one of those "Hebrew Israelites," basically a black person who believes that black people are part of the twelve tribes of Israel. They do try to back their teaching from Scripture, but they really have to take a LOT of things so far out of context to say what they want it to say, that it really isn't that hard, once you get a person to open their Bible, to make their position look very foolish, just by pointing out the words that follow or precede the verse (or part of the verse) they are trying to use.

She didn't have her Bible last night, but she had it tonight. And so we went on and on for hours going to verse after verse where she tried to back up her beliefs. She did get frustrated after a while, but I don't think she is convinced that she has been decieved; I think she believes that I am a good talker who mixed her up for a few minutes. I'm praying for her to read her Bible more carefully.

Yesterday, she was saying that I thought I knew everything in the Bible because I was adamant that what she believes is false. That is not true. I don't have to know everything about the Bible to know what contradicts what I do know. This I do know:

1) The Jews are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; they are an identifiably different people than others, no matter where they live and no matter how much they try to blend in.

2) Black people....not so much.

Her teachers (the people whose books she reads) tell her that black people were taken from their land in Egypt (where apparently all black people were kings and queens--never mind the Nubians, the Ethiopians, and the Lybians, whom were all attacked and at times ruled by the Egyptians--they aren't black enough) ver to America for a slavery period of 400 years, which is just about ending now (we still have that "slave mentality" that the white man has kept us in all these years, but these people are going to help us break that yoke!!).

Then we look at Bible verses that say things like, God brought the children of Israel out of the Land of Egypt to their own land. Hm....

I guess Hitler was badly mistaken when he killed all those white people he thought were Jews. He went after the wrong corrupters of the white race. Those people were his kind, too. *rolls eyes* Can anyone else see how absurd this is? Oh, please pray for Alicia!!!

(Disclaimer: I do not believe that the Jews corrupted the Aryan race. Hitler was a fool to attack GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE, the Jews. I do know that Hitler killed millions more than only the Jews, but he made a special point of killing these people whom this goofball author alledges are white. The farce is about as unintellectual as one can be, to say it nicely.)

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