Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Talking the Talk

When I finished talking today, I felt better than if I had preached.

I found out in Tampa that I don't have an absolute right to preach on the bus and train (stupid Supreme Court), so, instead of getting shut down, I just talk to people now, one to one. I've been able to remove some blinders a bit better--but the preaching did it's job, too. It opened up some lines of communication (if you can believe that!--but it did).

But anyway.

I talked to Erica after much consternation. I have chickened out of many of these conversations, just because I wouldn't let the Lord lead me. This time, the Lord, and not my flesh, won me over inspite of me.

So, to start in the natural, I asked her about her sunglasses, which were rather unique. Then, conversation mode established, I asked her about the Good Person Test. Found out that she's a Jehovah's Witness--they don't believe in hell, they believe in annihilation, like atheists do. Well, I was able to give her Bible verses that talk about Hell (Isaiah 66:24; Matthew 5:30 [21-30 for context]; Mark 9:43-48; Revelation 20-21). I probably could have given her more, but I didn't remember them at the time. Right now I can think of Luke 12:4-5--explain that one away!

Then when I got off the train, I was behind a trio of young kids, apparently walking home from school. I caught up with them and talked to them about the Good Person Test. They were very open, and one of them thanked me for sharing. All of them gave me their names (John, Barry, and Crystal), and I told them I would pray for them. John sounded very convicted, but we know that can wear off. Please pray for them that they might repent.

I did talk to a few people this morning, but very little conviction was present, and I got no names. Please pray that the seeds I either planted or watered (God only knows which) will prosper unto the salvation of the people. God bless. Have a good night.

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