Friday, June 29, 2007

More People

Monyai, a young lady I met on the platform.

JSB2: Hey, I want to ask you a question: Have you ever taken the Good Person Test?

Monyai: No.

JSB2: It's a three question test to see if you are a good person. Question #1: Have you ever told a lie?

Monyai: Yes.

JSB2: What does that make you if you tell a lie?

Monyai: A liar *smiles*

JSB2: Okay, Question #2: Have you ever stolen anything?

Monyai: Yes.

JSB2: What does that make you if you steal?

Monyai: A stealer--a thief.

JSB2: Steelers are from Pittsburgh, thief is the correct answer! Question #3: Have you ever hated anyone?

Monyai: Yes.

JSB2: What does that make you if you hate someone?

Monyai: A hater?

JSB2: No, hater is the ghetto answer.

Monyai: I don't know.

JSB2: Well, the Bible says that if you hate someone, you're a murderer.

Monyai: Really?

JSB2: Yeah. You see, the question is not how much harm we do to the other person, but how angry God will be because we take the breath that He gives us and we use it to mistreat our fellow man.

Monyai: Oh, okay. That makes sense.

JSB2: So here's the point behind the Good Person Test: We're all gonna die someday, and we're gonna stand before God, and He's gonna judge us for everything we've done. And Jesus said that "every idle word that a man shall speak, he will give account for it on the Day of Judgment." As liars, thieves, and murderers-at-heart, do we deserve to go to Heaven or to Hell?

Monyai: Heaven.

JSB2: Heaven? Liars, thieves, and murderers go to Heaven?

Monyai: No, they go to Hell.

JSB2: So that means that you and I deserve to go to Hell, right?

Monyai: Oh.

JSB2: We're liars, thieves, and murderers-at-heart, right? So that means we deserve to go to Hell.

---end of my memory.

I have never seen reality come so hard to a young woman. She knew that liars, thieves, and murderers deserve to go to Hell, and had just confessed to being among that group--but she didn't make the connection. I had to (gently) point it out to her. And I'm glad I did. And she was glad I did.

Well, she was glad when I gave her the Gospel behind that. I explained that we are children of the devil by nature, that we must be born again to become children of God, to be forgiven, so that we can stand before God in Jesus' righteousness. I gave her a tom of different ways to understand the Gospel, and she hung on every word. She said she didn't have a Bible, and I didn't have one to give her (and the local book store was closed). I told her the importance of following Christ through His Word. Please pray for her.

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