Thursday, June 28, 2007


Daiva (pronounced: "Dye-vah"), a Lithuanian student who sobered up after a while. (No, she wasn't drunk, just giggly). We had a bit of language difficulty, but she knew enough English to understand the Gospel. I asked her if she had a Bible. She said yes. I asked if she read it. She said no, but she knows she should. I told her that if she hated sin and loved God (repentance) she would read her Bible. She agreed. I advised her to start at the Book of John. How I wish I had taken a Gospel with me!

Ann, a student at Wash. U. whom I have been praying for for quite sometime. She and her friend are frequently on the train when I am witnessing to someone, but they are both always so engrossed in their conversation that they don't pay any attention to me. That was proven when she took her headphones out to talk to me. Because, if she knew what I was up to, then she must have wanted to hear it. Which would surprise me, because she didn't know about Jesus or have a clue about the Good Person Test when I asked her. She wasn't offended when I told her that she needed to repent. She even said that it was nice meeting me as she left.

Fred was in town for a conference. I asked him if he had taken the Good Person Test. Obviously not. He could understand the idea of being a murderer because of hatred. He didn't want to submit to the Gospel, but he did understand the point.

Also, I talked to a lady and her mother who were on their way to a concert tonight. The girl wasn't happy about the Gospel, saying that she had her beliefs. I pointed out that our beliefs don't count when reality is in view. Her mother said that I had given them a lot to think about.

To be sure there were other people who heard what I was trying to say to the people I did talk to personally. Please pray for them, too.

Lastly, I was administering a test at work today, and a young lady who has been there testing for another position before (she works for a different division of Metro, but wants to move up--if only she could pass the tests!) was taking these tests. She reminded me about the time that I had given her the Good Person Test on the platform (her job requires her to come to the HQ at times). She said that she thinks about it all the time. I'm not allowed to talk about it on the job, but it was very encouraging. She clearly hasn't repented yet (there is no fruit--Matthew 7:13-23; Luke 6:46), so please pray for Britney.

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