Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okay, several things are making my day right now.

First, I got to help a sister in Christ through some personal struggles while we were riding the train this morning. She has said before that my preaching on the train was used by God to make her begin to straigten her life out as a Christian, and I'm just glad to be along for the ride. I gave her a couple of Psalms to look into, and promised to pray for her (and I'm praying that the Lord will remind me to do it again, because this is so very important, and I always forget).

Second, I got to witness to several people today who showed some sense of contrition. I prayed for three of them, and I pleaded hard with one of them as we deboarded the train on my way to the Men's group meeting that I attend on Tuesdays (and we all three men attend different churches). Please pray for Kim (an older lady I had to walk back to after deciding to go home rather than obey God), Chelley and her friend, Nishira, Bobby, Ebony, and several other people (the Lord knows who they are). Pray that they will all come to true repentance and faith in the Savior.

Heh, one of the girls (not named here, but I had given her friend a tract that she had shown her) said, "You know, we're all supposed to be doing what you're doing." Finally!! A new-born convert who got it right out of the gate! (I think she and the other girl repented while I was praying for them.)

Oh! Last Friday (I think), Erica, the security guard I talked to on the Grand Station platform, told me that she also had repented (she was at the Union Station platform when Tool was in town). She said that the night I gave her the Good Person Test, she went home and told her grandmother about it, too.

And, finally, the Bible Study meets at a local coffee house. I've been giving tracts and the Good Person Test to several of the employees there, and I haven't had a chance recently, so I was praying that I was not missing any of them. Well, tonight, I asked Mike had he taken the test; he said no, but he had heard about it, because all of his coworkers were talking about it! God doesn't need me to do everything for Him, I suppose. So with that in mind, I'm going to bed. With a cleaned conscience, an eased mind, and a thankful heart.

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