Sunday, September 7, 2008

In the Bahamas

I didn't think I would have a lot of time to be able to update you while I am here, but here goes:

I haven't had many opportunities to preach the Gospel to people, because most of my time is spent on the property around growing Christians. We are right now in an incubator, launching only rarely to display what we have learned in the real world. Which is cool for now. But it is definitely not what I am used to.

I did get a chance to wear my "Jesus for Jews" shirt last Friday when we went to Paradise Island. But I didn't get into any conversations with unbelievers because of it. So this past Friday, I went without a Bible or a Jesus t-shirt. And I tried to stick closer to the entrance and the group, so that I could not be rushing past opportunities to talk to people. This is how I was able to talk to Kim and Lexi, who were working at the Rum Cake store next to the Jamba Juice store that I had just patronized.

I was able to catch each of them when they were bored, and, one by one, I told them of our dilemma and our Savior. Apparently, both of them have a Christian background, because both of them said that they have Bibles. I asked them both to read John 3 before hitting the pillow. They agreed.

Saturday, after shopping at the grocery store, I was waiting for the rest of the team outside and stood by the "Italian Icey" stand, where the lady did her best to get me to purchase some. Unfortunately for her, I had about 30 cents cash (I have more in the bank, but it is only accessible by debit card, and she didn't have those kinds of accommodations). So, she turned her attention to another guy, and he was definitely intrigued. He wanted to know how much he would be getting for the $3 he would be paying.

Well, since he was standing there, I asked him if he had ever taken the Good Person Test. He didn't know what that was. I told him that it was three questions to see if he was a good person. He asked why it was important to be a good person. I told him that the real question was whether or not he would be going to Heaven. He said that he couldn't judge--God would do that. I told him that God had already said how He would judge, so the real question was whether or not the man was a sinner.

"Have you sinned against God?"

"Yes, I have sinned."

"Do you love your sin, or do you want to stop sinning?"

"Well, of course, I want to stop sinning." But his flippant attitude belied his words.

"Do you know what God did for you, to help you stop sinning?"


I told him that God sent His Son to die for our sins, so we don't have to pay for them, and He will send His Holy Spirit to help us walk in righteousness if we ask Him to. He didn't seem too excited about the news.

But there was a old preacher sitting by the Icey stand who got up and told me, "My spirit agrees with yours. My spirit agrees with yours."

The lady manning the stand told me that he comes out there everyday to give the Word to the ladies who attend the stand. He lit into the apathetic young man and let him know that he should seriously consider his future. "You could drive off today, and get into an and die, and where would you be?"

"I don't know."

I chimed in, "The only question is whether or not you have repented. If you haven't, then you do know where you are going."

Part of my team was leaving the store now, so I went to join them at the bus and left the young man in good hands. It was a blessed relief to finally be able to get into the mission field. I live for these times.

I have no idea when I will be able to update again, but may God bless you in the meantime. Thank you for your prayers.

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