Monday, December 29, 2008

Back at the Rock

It was good to be back downtown, to reacquaint myself with the old friends I had made in South Straub Park before I left. Not many were there, but there were a lot of new faces.

I tried to speak with as many of them as I could. Angelina and Darnell kept coming back even though they kept leaving me while I was trying to talk to them. I finally got to have a serious conversation with her, but he never got interested.

Please pray for these children--that's what they are: children. They have been tremendously hurt and deceived. Yes, they are violent; yes, they are drug-addicts; yes, they are whores and whoremongers; but they are children, created by God, loved by Jesus Christ, and wooed by His Holy Spirit. They are in desparate need of love.

And please pray for those of us who reach out to them, because it is discouraging to see Joe, who has prayed a prayer, confessed Jesus, etc., but he still hangs out down there. I don't know if he is being an influence or being influenced. If the former, he really needs prayer, because the sins from which he is trying to free his friends is the same sin that appealed to him for so long. If the latter, he really needs prayer, because his soul is in just as much danger as the others. Please, please pray.

God bless you.

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