Friday, January 2, 2009

No Go for Morrocco

I had posted about an upcoming short term missions trip to Morrocco to commence in May that I was considering participating in. I have decided against it in order to focus on the ministry that the Lord has given me here in St Pete.

I have always held that one cannot be an obedient Christian abroad without being an obedient Christian at home. I feel that I should put into practice the lessons the Lord taught me during those sixteen weeks here before endeavoring to display His grace upon me abroad. Now that doesn't mean that I will take no trips at all this year. Just that I am not now planning to attend this one.

Team Hope is firing up once again tonight. Please be praying for the people that we shall be ministering to. Please also be praying for us, because evangelism should not be merely an event, but a lifestyle: we are to bring Christ into everything we do, even our entertainment. Life should never have a spot where Jesus is absent. Satan doesn't take a day off, so why should we? (Note: this has nothing to do with the gift of rest that God has given to all His children.)

That said, sustaining a Christlike mindset is an impossibility, without the constant aid of the Holy Spirit. Thus we need your prayers like never before. Thank you very much for your partnership with us in this. May God bless you.

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