Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's See How Quickly I Can Write This...

I have three stories to tell, we'll see how many I can get to:

Josh: I was with my boss at Office Depot, and he was paying for the items we were getting. The telephone number he gave the sales associate had the last four as "6667," to which Josh commented, "Six-six-six, huh?" with a big grin?

Now, that number is known as the "bad number" because the Bible depicts it as such (Revelation 13:18)--but it has no other significance. So I asked Josh, "Josh, are you a Christian?"

"No," he replied. Then he kept talking! "I really don't believe in anything. I mean, I know there's gotta be a higher power somewhere out there, but..."

"So, have you ever taken the Good Person Test?"

Shocked, he said, "No?"

"Okay, it's a three-question test to see if you are a good person: are you ready?"

He proved to be a lying, thieving, murderer-at-heart, just like everyone else I've asked. "Wow. I didn't know that [hating someone makes you a murderer]." I gave him the Gospel right then, that God had become a man to die for him, so that he would not have to face God's wrath for his crimes. Josh didn't seem to want to embrace Jesus all that much right then, but I told him that I really didn't want him to go to Hell, especially since we share the same name. =) (No, that doesn't mean that it's okay if you go to Hell if your name is not Josh!)
My boss actually learned something new and got convicted himself. It was pretty cool.

Later, we were on a sales call and waiting for our potential client, who was taking care of customers. While one guy was waiting, I engaged him about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-shirt he was wearing: "Are you wearing that shirt because you're a real fan, or just because you want to be safe?"

He laughed. "Oh, no, I'm a real fan."

We small-talked about the Bucs for a few minutes, with my boss chiming in, too. I don't think he knew that I was setting the guy up, though. "So how long have you lived in Tampa?" All his life. "Where did you grow up?" Clearwater. "So have you ever taken the Good Person Test?" He hadn't. So I gave it to him. =) He, too, was surprised that those who hate are called murderers. And that this was in the Bible.

Then she called him over to take care of business (a hair salon--she's a real pro, too! But I'll still cut my own. =D), so I didn't get to give him the Gospel. But, as he left, he asked how many people had actually gotten the correct answer to the last question ("What does it make you if you hate someone?" -- A murderer, as opposed to the "ghetto answer," a "hater"): "Twenty-six," I believe is still the correct answer, from St. Louis Metro Area, Buffalo-Niagara Falls Area, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Miami, Kansas City, Denton, Jacksonville, and the Bahamas. He was surprised. I told him, "But that's because people don't really read their Bibles," and he had to really consider that.

Last one:

I was with a friend in Walgreens, and one of the employees there used Jesus' name to curse. I said, more to Renaldo than to her, "You love Jesus?" He laughed as we considered the irony of the fact that people don't use Hitler's name as a substitute for a four-letter filth word, but they do use the name of the Lord of Glory. Our conversation continued to the check-out counter where Chris waited on us and added his two cents. As we talked about people and their double standards, he brought up how people didn't stop talking about Bill Clinton's adulteries. I pointed out that the former President needed to be far more concerned with God's Judgment than with ours.

Then I asked Chris how he himself would do on Judgment Day. We talked about Judgment Day, right living, how it doesn't save us because our record is already corrupted. We also talked about the Holy Spirit, how God imparts Himself to us to help us overcome the sin that overwhelms us, how Jesus died to save us from the penalty of, sin, too. When we finished Chris said that I had made his night. It was awesome. I challenged him to ask God to help him against sin, as he had said earlier that if God would indeed impart Himself to help us out with sin, he would take Him up on the offer.

That's all for now, thank you for your prayers.

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