Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Neighbors

I have been praying hard for a way to reach my trailer park neighbors since I thought of even moving in here. I'm glad I did.

Dave is a drunkard and dope-addict who lives in the very next trailer. Dan said tonight that Jesus hasn't been keeping His Matthew 6:33 promise, but also admitted to lying and stealing in order to cover his needs, which actions I told him were keeping God from blessing him. Brenda (who is moving out because of a hazardous living space) grew up in religion but didn't know the truth about the Gospel until I explained it to her this afternoon. And Roger said that he believes in God, but he doesn't read his Bible.

Dave actually called me during Perspectives class last night, wanting to "get into some church thing" as he had told me Wednesday morning (though he wasn't home at 6:30 so we could go to the Wednesday night service together). We can invite one guest to each class, so I invited him on up, knowing that he was still unsaved at the time, but hoping that things would not go too wrong. (They didn't.) We walked home together, talking about spiritual things as we went, but not too long. He said that he wants to go to the Vine with me on Saturday. Boy, he's in for it then!

There are other people at the trailer park that I don't know, but to whom I have given some Gospel tracts. In fact, I think that I have tracted the entire group. One guy moved out yesterday, and I didn't know that he was doing so, but I handed him a tract, anyway, and, today, seeing his trailer gone, I'm glad I did. Also, Dave moved into the trailer right beside me after those people had moved out. They were actually the first neighbors I gave tracts to, so I have no regrets there, either.

I honestly want to do something more, but I have a limited budget and no hospitality skills whatsoever. (I need a wife!) I am thinking to start a neighborhood Bible study, but I have nothing that I can do to connect the neighbors, like Doug Dodge does with flag football in Coquina Key. Besides, if I go to play baseball like I plan to, that idea has to wait until at least the fall.

So that's my story. My sister Kirsten needs your prayers. She has been witnessing to two Muslim sisters at her workplace (obviously, not on company time, but as the opportunity presents itself), and she fears for their safety if they should start to show any sign of conversion. Of course, this happens in many foreign countries daily, so this is not a unique situation, just one that hits home a little more closely (even though my sister is 1000 miles away in St Louis). So please pray for her, too. Thank you and God bless.

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