Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay, okay

Someone asked for an itemized list of what I need (and someone else had already told me to provide it, so...):

1) Rent is $375
2) Plane ticket to and from Ft Lauderdale from St Pete/Tampa--$140 on Southwest, (Need to arrive by 3:30 on Sunday April 19, can't leave until after 5 pm on April 23, and I do want to attend church services on the 19th)
3) Healing for my left knee and my right hand. I fell off my bicycle last Thursday while going up to Men's Accountability, and skinned my knee, which I can't bend or straighten without flinching, and can't run with until the scab goes away, and slammed my right hand--my throwing hand--to the ground in a (successful) attempt to save my face from concrete; the swelling is pinching the nerve for my ring finger and is just all-around uncomfortable.
4) $100 tuition for the tryout camp.
5) Either a friend's place to stay in Ft Lauderdale, or $450 to cover the hotel cost.

I was able to get cleats for $40 -- a steal!--and a glove for $60 (less than I paid for my first glove, four years ago, and, actually, a better glove).

By the way, my neighbor, Dave, came to The Most Excellent Way Bible Study with Scott Rodriguez last night. He told me before going, "I want to get in touch with my spirituality." And Scott will set you straight, too, I thought but did not say as I consented to bring him with me. I don't know what his friends thought of him when he told them over the phone that he would be busy at a Bible study last night, especially since they get drunk and high together. I did tell him afterwards that that sort of behavior was exactly the kind of thing that Jesus would be removing from his life (we had talked about counting the cost as we marched our way through Matthew 26:1-5) as well as his sinful relationship with his girlfriend (where did people get the notion that being "engaged" makes fornication okay?). He was pretty quiet after that. I pray that it was because he was seriously considering the implications of following Jesus with his whole heart.

One positive note about Dave's situation: he does remember a lot things that he learned from his upbringing. Sadly, he has yet to act on it what truth he does know, and a lot of truth got mixed with error. So please continue to pray for him.

Thank you for your interest in my life. God bless you all.

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