Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I like my new job

I walk the streets from business to business, asking if anyone needs any printing done. Usually, they don't, or their corporate office handles it, and that corporate office is out of town. I just walk to the next one, after asking, "May I leave you a Zero Dollar Bill?" They usually let me, and I move on.

This afternoon, a lady told me that her boss wasn't in to handle it, and I gave her the Zero. She asked what it was about, and I told her, "It's a Gospel tract: it tells you how to have eternal life."

"Oh, I have that already! I go to Calvary Chapel right up the road."

"Really? So do I!"

"Yeah, my boyfriend died recently--last weekend, actually--so it really is the only thing holding me up. I couldn't do anything but cry."

(Now, this was a considerably older lady, so I don't think there was any sin stuff going on, though you never know: fornication is not unique to my generation. Nevertheless, I didn't think it appropriate to ask.)

We blessed each other as I left, and I thought, "Only God could do this--I think I'm going in to set up for a sale, and He has put me here to comfort one of His saints."

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