Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pray for Suzy

So I was online at Panera yesterday morning and a young man dropped off a young lady who was wearing a green T-shirt that read "Green Monstah!" (a reference to the gigantic wall in left field at Fenway Park, Boston, Mass.). I greeted her with, "Oh, no! Are you from Boston?" which is the friendly way to greet a fan from a rival city (both Tampa Bay Rays, who BEAT the Red Sox last year for the AL championship, and the Saint Louis Cardinals, who were swept by the Sox in their 2004 run to the World Series).

I asked her what she was doing there, and she said that she was killing time while her boyfriend (who had dropped her off) was at work. Sweet. "So have you ever taken the Good Person Test?"

She didn't want to admit to stealing, but, once I gave her my example, she agreed that she had done it, too. She was shocked to find out that she is a murderer by God's standard, but I was surprised by her plan for Judgment Day: "Go to church?" Um. Nope.

So I mentioned Jesus, but she didn't understand how that worked. O_o What church was she talking about?

So I asked, "Would you be innocent or guilty before God on Judgment Day?"

"Probably guilty!"

"So what does God do with guilty people on Judgment Day?"

"I don't know...send them to Hell?"

"So what does that say for you?"

"I'm going to Hell."

"And we all deserve that, because we are all guilty before God. That's why God sent Jesus to come live the perfect life. Then, on the cross, God poured out His wrath upon Jesus, during those three hours of darkness, when everyone was silent, because they could feel the presence of God, and they knew He wasn't happy--so that He wouldn't have to pour out His wrath on you and me."

Somehow we started talking about her living situation: she is staying with her boyfriend's family until she goes back to Boston. But she only said that she was living with her boyfriend, so I had to ask. The answer was no, and her reason for it was that she was raised...Mormon. Then she told me that her boyfriend's parents are Christians.

"Wait a minute: They are Christians, and you're not a Christian, and..." I was going to say, "And they let him date you!?" but, before I could say that, she replied, "Well, that depends on how you view the LDS church."

"No, it doesn't. When I asked you what you were going to do about Judgment Day, you didn't say anything about Jesus."

"Well, some people are a little nervous talking to a complete stranger about this kind of stuff."

"Well, ma'am, Jesus said, 'If you deny Me before men, I'll deny you before My Father in Heaven.'"

"But...non-Christians probably won't feel comfortable saying that..."

"Exactly. You see, Faith is knowing, and living out your life with the confidence that He is there and that He has given you victory over sin, and death, and hell, so you just blurt it out!"

"That makes sense. Wow, you make me want to read my Bible."

"Yes!" [double fist-pump extended] "That's what I live for. I want people to go read their Bibles, because , you're right, I am a stranger off the street, I could be lying to you, but, if you have God's Word, then you can't be fooled by anything. ... Jesus said this, 'If you continue in My Word, then you are My disciple indeed (that means that you are actually a Christian), and you shall know the truth (you won't be taken by the devil's lies anymore), and the truth shall make you free (and He means free from sin, as He explains in the verses that follow).'"

She had been standing the whole time we were talking, so I asked her name (Suzy) and her boyfriend's name (I don't remember, but you can pray for him and his whole family: if they really are Christians, then they probably need help discipling her once she does get saved, and, if they are only Christian in name, then they need salvation just as much as she does), and she went inside. Please pray for her soul, and her family's. Thanks for reading.

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