Friday, August 7, 2009


I recently read a Jews for Jesus newsletter about persistence, and the difference between pushy and persistent. I don't know if that was what was going through my mind as I rode home Wednesday night or what, but it certainly characterized the event that follows:

I saw a bunch of police lights flashing as I got to the end of 35th Street to make the turn down 76th Terrace (the back way from Gandy to my trailer), and I saw these two Asian guys standing at the intersection, smoking cigarettes. So I asked them what was going on (they didn't know) and why they were standing there ("taking a break" from visiting a friend, because he was getting his haircut, and they didn't want to smoke inside). I was past them already when I stopped my bicycle, and I was just going to go on home, but I decided to try anyway:

"Have you guys ever taken the Good Person Test?"

At the end of the questions, I asked, "So, what is God going to do with you on Judgment Day?"

One of them said, "Well, I'm a Buddhist, so I don't believe in God, necessarily."

So I used a Ray Comfort tactic: "IF there is a God, would you be innocent or guilty on Judgment Day?"


"And what does God do with guilty people on Judgment Day?"

"Well, the story goes that He sends them to Hell."

"So, if there is a God, then you're going to Hell."

"Yeah, I guess, but I don't think about it that much, because I really don't believe that there necessarily is a God."

"Do you like that idea?"

"No, I mean, who really wants to go to Hell?"

"So do you want the solution, or are you content in your own beliefs?"

"Well, I'm content in my own beliefs, but I'm open to listen to anything."

So I gave him the Gospel. He said it made sense to him. I said, "Of course, it does, because it's the truth!"

"Well, everyone likes to think that what they believe is true."

"Yes, but the truth is the truth whether I believe it or not. Otherwise, it's just an opinion."

He and his friend both nodded.

Afterwards, Eric (the first guy) thanked me for talking to him. He said, "A lot of times when people come up to me, I feel like I'm being attacked. But you didn't do that. ... It didn't seem like you were trying to convince me."

"Oh, I'm definitely trying to convince you!"

"But I didn't feel attacked, and I appreciate that."

It kind of shocked me, because I thought I was being pretty aggressive. I mean, I wasn't letting go, but he was not only not offended, but actually thankful. Life is getting weirder everyday.

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