Friday, November 27, 2009

The Week That Was

I have had no time this week to email. I wanted to be able to wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving, but Panera was closed and I didn't really have time to use the computer before going to work anyway.

Yes, I worked Thanksgiving Day at Cracker Barrel. The only day that Cracker Barrel closes is Christmas. I worked more than 11 hours, and made a lot of money, and wore my feet out. But I thank God for it, because this week I worked three more days than I expected, and now all my bills will get paid on time.

Also, I have been able to engage my coworkers in several spiritual conversations during down time, and it has been awesome. Some of them are opening up to me, but, for me, it simply helped me to see the wall that Satan has built around their hearts. Please keep praying for my coworkers, including the one I already gave a Bible to (that was Jodie, back in October).

Thank you for your prayers about last Friday night. I was able to distribute about 200 tracts to the movie-goers/shoppers at Park Place mall. I went back Saturday night with 100 more and wasn't there for more than 40 minutes. I did see Sam (from the Rock). He thought he could just sneak up to me from right in front of me by turning his head until he got within two feet of me, but I had seen his face before he saw mine, so =). I did walk away from him while he was speaking filth, because it would have looked like I was endorsing his evil words. I was already done, anyway.

As I walked away, he called out, "I love you, Josh!" I replied, "Jesus loves you, too, Sam! Repent!"

Wow. Satan really is the god of this world, and he really has blinded the minds of those who do not believe lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ should shine unto them. Will you please continue to pray for these people?

What about the people in your life--can I pray for them? I figure, if every one prays for everyone else, everyone will be covered.

I'm going to continue working with the movie-going crowd there. The police don't bother me at all. Once I was inside the movie theater witnessing to people instead of watching a movie (I had walked out because of the evil in the movie I was there to see), and the police did not bother me at all until it was about time to leave anyway. Also, this past Friday night, an officer on horseback kept telling youths not to loiter, but she did not bother me at all, and I was not moving from my spot on the sidewalk. I guess Pinellas Park PD appreciates the power of the Gospel (praise the Lord!)

I did buy enough tracts to handle business tonight, tomorrow, and even Sunday, if I have some left. We'll see how long I can continue. I was going to attack Black Friday, but my feet can't handle that right now. I know that many of my friends around the country did take the opportunity of a captive audience to preach the Gospel loud and clear, and I am praying for fruit from those endeavors.

Thanks for praying. God bless you all.

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