Monday, December 21, 2009

Cold, Wet, N Happy

It was raining melting snow when I arrived at the parking lot of the Shoppes at Park Place (the mall by my house). I was praying for it to stop, and it did when I persevered to the sidewalk by Target.

However, it wasn't over.

I got rained on for most of the night and seriously considered just going home several times within the first twenty minutes. I didn't want to get sick and there is just so much water a man can take in the cool with no one to hand tracts to.

Well, there were a few, but they had already received them or were walking a different path than I could access. I started on one side of the movie theater, and then when over to the west side, and was walking to go home past the east side, in front of Famous Brand Shoes, when I saw a small group of people and a pause in the action from above. Might as well get them, I thought.

It went well after that. All 150 tracts found hands, I picked up a $10 bill (that helps considering the bills I have coming with little work). I walked up to a lady who was taking shelter from the intermittent drizzle (wish there were more "inters" but, oh well) and said, "I've got one more, and I'm giving it to you." She smiled and thanked me.

It was saddening watching all the very young people out there, the girls scantily-clad in weather that can make any one sick, the boys not so poorly dressed but just as unprepared and up to not much good. It reminded me that Satan really does have a hold on this world, and that's why we witness--to set the captives free.

Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.

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