Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fwd: Merry Christmas my friends ~

One of my friends sent this to me. I send it now to you. God bless!

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From: Hatch

My Christmas Card to You....
On a recent episode of a children's Christian radio program, the following Christmas story was told about a family who's Christmas tree caught fire.

Early Christmas morning the family returned to their home to survey the damage. Their entire living room had been destroyed. The tree was gone, as were all of the presents and the ornaments they had collected over the years. Rummaging through the charred remains, one daughter sobbed over the beautiful robe she had gotten her mother that had been destroyed. The family tearfully questioned why God had allowed this to happen at Christmas. Then Timmy, the youngest son noticed the Nativity scene. "the Nativity is ruined too" he cried. "Look, the animals and the wise men are melted and ruined. All we have left is the Baby Jesus" he angrily exclaimed. The words he spoke abruptly halted the family. They were the truest words ever heard. "All we have left is Jesus". Suddenly the family realized where their focus was, and where it should be.
This program left me to ponder my own focus. Hustling and bustling through the month of December, listening to people filling their spare time with personal "things" to accomplish such as shopping, writing cards, answering emails, wrapping gifts, Sunday church activities, and catching all of the yearly Christmas TV shows & movies makes directing focus difficult. So much to do, so little time….
At the end of the show, the family spent the day sharing their Christmas "gifts" – telling each other what gifts they appreciated in each other that Christ had given them, such as the gift of encouragement, leadership, faithfulness, generosity and love.
My beloved friend, these are the gifts Christ has given you that I treasure and appreciate in you. I pray that this Christmas, your greatest gift will be found in the joy and peace Christ offers to all of us, and may you have many opportunities to share His love throughout the New Year.
Wishing you a most blessed Christmas, and may you enjoy health & happiness in the New Year.
Merry Christmas!


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