Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Clock

Our general manager called a server meeting for yesterday, and, during the meeting, his boss spoke well of how we befriend our guests at Cracker Barrel. Well, I'm of Mark Cahill's mindset:

"If they're not your friends for eternity, they are not your friends at all."

So, when a guest of mine made a dirty joke and then rejoiced in the fact that he constantly makes women blush, I asked him, "Do you think Jesus would be laughing?"

He said, "Well,...yeah!"

"Yeah, right before He had you stoned! Jesus said, 'Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has committed adultery already with her in his heart.'"

From then on the man tried to justify himself whenever I returned to the table, telling me how his sin wasn't all that bad, how he did all these good deeds, how he was better than a whole lot of other people. I was able to give him a biblical response to each, that God is the ultimate Judge of how bad sin is, God won't look at our good deeds, because we are criminals and no judge in his right mind considers the good deeds when assessing whether the man before him is innocent or guilty, and God isn't going to judge us by our standards or by comparisons. I left him with no other option but to flee from his sin to the Savior that God is in Jesus Christ.

Alas, he wasn't too eager to hear it. I'm not worried about getting reported, because he was more concerned with getting me to think positively of him than he was about being offended by anything I had to say. And, in any case, his conscience agreed with me, so he really didn't have an argument.

That was the beginning of a very blessed day at work, where I not only stood up for Jesus, but I also made a lot of money. Nice to be able to pay bills on time again. Thanks for your prayers.

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