Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who You Lookin' At?

Every time I turned my head that direction, there she was looking at me. Now, people have told me for years that I'm that good looking, but I've never paid them that much attention. And I'm not a flirt, either, so this was new to me.

I needed to leave Panera Bread anyway, so I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to the friend at the next table, and walked straight up to her and extended my hand.

"Hi, I'm Joshua."

With a smile, she shook my hand. "I'm Carly."

"Are you a student?" (I saw the chemistry textbook on the table.)


"What are you studying?"

"Dentistry...in Tampa."



"Cool. I have friends that go to USF. Have you ever taken the Good Person Test?"

Now, let me pause to say that I'm quite sure that many of the times that young ladies have taken the test, they have done so because they thought I was flirting with them. I'm only drawing this conclusion by their reactions. I don't think Carly was any exception. More on that later.

After I assured her that I was just as guilty as she just proved to be, I asked her what she thought God would do with guilty people on Judgment Day. She said, "I don't know."

Now, a Christian would either a) assure me they had nothing to worry about or b) acknowledge the Justice of God and then assure me they had nothing to worry about. She did neither. So I told her about God's Justice (Hell). Then I told her about God's love (Jesus). Then I told her about our part (repentance and faith). Then I told her why I believe the Bible (I think something she said prompted it, but I don't remember) in spite of so many people who claim to follow God but are not perfect (because the Bible stands on its own).

I ended our conversation by saying that I had come over to her simply to share that truth with her. She was grateful. "I like meeting people like you. You're really nice." Well, I hope the Gospel sticks in her mind, not just my pretty face. Pray for Carly, please. Thanks.


Beautiful Sovereign Grace said...

Josh, girls look at you because it's all because of your eyelashes. They covet such long, curly eyelashes lol!



Hahaha, Vero.